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(Hunt Valley, MD) On December 10, 2021, Terra Technology Group (TTG) was announced as the vendor of choice for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission’s (NGPC) Statewide Web-Based Permit System.

NGPC prioritized the need to have a partner that could provide the best service to its customers, help improve the users’ experience, improve communications, and employ the latest technologies to create effective solutions for customer service.

With this announcement, NGPC will become the fourth state to utilize the Terra Outdoor Solution to conduct their agency’s business, and the seventh state fish and wildlife agency that TTG has helped to deliver on its conservation mission.

Until 2021, NGPC has utilized its internal information technology specialists and resources to sell hunting and fishing licenses. “The opportunity to help NGPC establish a new platform on behalf of their customers is a privilege and our staff is extremely excited to be able to leverage our extensive industry experience to ensure a smooth and timely delivery of this product on behalf of the agency,” commented President Caroline Howell.

TTG is experienced in helping agencies such as NGPC establish new platforms and has done so since the initial launch of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ Compass system in 2012. Over time TTG has expanded its technological capacity and introduced the Terra Outdoor Solution. The Terra Outdoor Solution is an innovative product that allows agencies to benefit from collaboration across state lines while also maintaining delivery on each agency’s specific business rules. “We elected to pursue the development of the Terra Outdoor Solution because we recognized the need and the interests of the states to collaborate on business solutions nationwide. Our strategy allows us to develop unique features for each agency’s needs, add them to the main Terra platform, and then enable each agency to implement the new features when they are ready,” stated Jeff Roberts, TTG’s Chief Product Officer.

Work on the NGPC implementation of the Terra Outdoor Solution will commence shortly and TTG looks forward to the opportunity. To learn more about Terra Technology Group, its staff, and the services it offers, please visit

*About Terra Technology Group*

Terra Technology Group is a next-generation outdoor licensing and recreation solution that serves state fish and wildlife agencies and other conservation partners by offering a flexible customer service and product delivery platform that accommodates clients’ evolving business needs. Established in 2020, TTG brings to the industry advanced technology, strategic partnerships, and creative opportunities to help its clients recruit and retain customers.