(Hunt Valley, MD) –  State fish and wildlife agencies can leverage technology to conserve wild resources more effectively and improve their customers’ experiences in the field. Aaron Kindle, Director of Sporting Advocacy for the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) and host of NWF’s Outdoors Podcast, welcomed Samantha Pedder of Terra Technology Group (TTG) and Steve Bergmann of Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) to discuss this topic. The trio demonstrated how technology could help make the experience of getting outdoors for hunters, anglers, and other outdoor recreationists simpler, while also helping state fish and wildlife agencies to deliver on their conservation missions more efficiently. They also discussed recent legislative efforts that would make it easier for state agencies to modernize their systems and why conservationists of all types should support their agencies in this pursuit.

Since 1936 NWF has worked with hunters and anglers to pass the most important conservation laws in American history and protect sporting traditions. The NWF Outdoors Podcast explores the history, the values, and the work conservationists do to safeguard the wildlife that fuel conservationists’ passions. This episode offered listeners a chance to consider the motivations behind the changes state fish and wildlife agencies are introducing to their constituents’ experiences and highlight opportunities for agencies and other conservation organizations to implement and embrace new technology.

“That’s the conversation that is evolving right now. It’s how do we help agencies embrace technology, embrace modern approaches as they evolve so quickly, to make the hunters’ and anglers’ experience on the ground so much more efficient and easy,” Pedder offered to set the stage for the show.

Many agencies face rising management costs and growing lists of species to conserve. Yet, some agencies such as ODFW, one of TTG’s clients, and others discover that they can rally against the challenges by embracing new technology for their everyday processes. As a result, ODFW and their innovative counterparts are saving money, increasing the effectiveness of wildlife management techniques, avoiding fee increases for their hunters and anglers, and still ensuring their customers have the best experience outdoors. “We really want [ODFW] customers to know that we have a secondary means of enjoying and recreating out there, and that’s through their phone and through the internet; and it’s working,” Bergmann commented on the topic.

Tune in to the podcast to learn how ODFW is having success in their state and why Oregon hunters, anglers, and other wildlife enthusiasts are benefitting.  From digital licenses to paperless processes, agencies have an opportunity to modernize their systems and embrace technology, and you can help them to do so. To listen to this episode of NWF Outdoors, visit Delivering on Conservation by Leveraging Technology. Additional links to current legislative efforts and other resources are provided in the show notes too.

*About Terra Technology Group*

Terra Technology Group is a next-generation outdoor licensing and recreation solution that serves state fish and wildlife agencies and other conservation partners by offering a flexible customer service and product delivery platform that accommodates clients’ evolving business needs. Established in 2020, TTG brings to the industry advance technology, strategic partnerships, and opportunities to help its clients recruit and retain customers.

*About National Wildlife Federation Outdoors*

The National Wildlife Federation is one of America’s oldest and most respected hunting and angling conservation organizations. From our founding in 1936 to present day we have worked to safeguard fish, wildlife, and their habitats to ensure that our sporting traditions remain strong now and into the future. From protecting our public lands legacy and teaching effective conservation advocacy to taking our voice to Capitol Hill and engaging in local and state-level politics, the National Wildlife Federation is one of the most effective and enduring voices for America’s sporting community.