(Hunt Valley, MD) – Terra Technology Group (TTG) is proud to announce the development of an exciting new feature within the Terra Outdoor Solution that enables clients to automatically and in real-time share license trend data to regional and national projects, such as the national data dashboards project. Through a unique partnership with its client state fish and wildlife agencies and the economic research firm, Southwick Associates, TTG is one of the first license vendors in the industry to offer this unique functionality to its clients.

“TTG is proud to invest in this effort because we see this as a unique opportunity both to serve our clients and also drive our industry forward,” commented Chairwoman Caroline Howell. “When we formed TTG in 2020, we did so with a vision to provide superior technological solutions in our industry and also drive technological innovation in conservation. This API is the first example of many through which we will fulfill that vision.”

“The development of this specific API integration is special as it represents both collaboration and innovation in the conservation sector – two core elements of TTG’s corporate commitments,” commented Samantha Pedder, VP of Marketing for TTG. “Since 2016, state fish and wildlife agencies and their many partners have worked to unlock their data and share real-time license trends across state lines to the regional and national level. This API integration makes it easier and more efficient for our partner agencies to seamlessly share data to the national data dashboard project and paves the way for collaboration on other data-based projects in the future as well.”

TTG has been working with Southwick Associates to integrate their API into its Terra Outdoor Solution, thereby enabling all its clients to apply the state-specific connection in their implementation as they choose. “Our technology strategy is unique because as one of our state clients innovates and develops new features, we can offer that innovation to our other clients as well. This approach allows our clients to evolve together and access to the latest technological advancements when and if they want it,” commented Jeff Roberts, Chief Product Officer for TTG. “When our partners are ready, they’ll be able to share their data to this project and many others in the future.”

“License vendors play a key role in the national data dashboard project, and we appreciate TTG’s leadership in offering this integration to their clients as part of the Terra Outdoor Solution,” commented Rob Southwick, President of Southwick Associates. “I expect that this is just the first of many technological innovations in our space, and we look forward to working with TTG to help move our industry forward together.”

TTG serves as a leader in the conservation sector and will continue to work with its partners to help advance technological innovations in conservation. To learn more about Terra Technology Group, its staff, and the services it offers, please visit www.terratg.com, or connect with one of our staff at the upcoming AFWA Annual Meeting or Conservation Business Manager Association meeting next week.