(Hunt Valley, MD) – 2020 was a banner year for hunting license sales. As hunting seasons kick off across the country, Terra Technology Group (TTG) and its partners look to marketing tactics to maintain high participation rates into 2021 and beyond. “TTG is proud to support its partners as they work to retain the COVID cohort of hunters this fall. We have worked with each of our clients to identify unique opportunities to build on their current marketing efforts and expand their reach into their hunting segments,” commented Chairwoman Caroline Howell. “We have an opportunity before us to meet the moment and retain high participation rates in these activities, and TTG hopes to do its part to help our partners achieve that goal.”

Finding the Marketing Funds

In early 2021, TTG began working with two of its clients to acquire special marketing grants from the Association of Conservation Information (ACI) to promote hunting and target shooting this fall. Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources received ACI grants of $15,000 each to pilot new marketing strategies. Alongside other states such as Virginia, Nebraska, and Iowa, these agencies will test new techniques and share their results with the conservation community as documented best management practices.

“Email marketing is a proven effective tool to reach new and existing hunters. By helping our clients to secure these funds and document these best practices, we hope to help identify new strategies to retain hunters across the states,” commented Samantha Pedder, VP of Marketing for TTG.

Segmenting the COVID Cohort

TTG also worked with Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) to pilot a new product to help ODFW identify emerging segments in their customer base. Through this partnership, TTG helped ODFW identify six segments of hunters and anglers and new trends among the recent influx of the COVID customer cohort. The project documented a growing rank of millennial hunters and anglers in Oregon, among many other trends. Now, ODFW may use this information to form more specific campaigns to better market to their customers this fall.

“ODFW now has an opportunity to connect with their hunters and anglers in a new way by applying the different segmentation data to their marketing strategies and delivering customized content to their customers,” commented Pedder. “This is a great opportunity to advance their existing marketing strategies and build off their previous successes to retain the COVID cohort. We look forward to working with ODFW and our other clients to continue these efforts this fall.”

Working with TTG

TTG continues to build out its suite of marketing services and is ready to work with current and future clients to address their marketing and technology needs. To learn more about Terra Technology Group, its staff, and the services it offers, please visit www.terratg.com. Further inquiries on TTG’s marketing services should be directed to Samantha Pedder, VP of Marketing, at spedder@terratg.com.