Today, we announce exciting news: On December 1, 2020, Terra Technology Group completed its acquisition of JMT Technology Group’s Outdoor Licensing solution. We are very excited about the opportunity to work in the outdoor industry and support state agencies in promoting outdoor activities.

Terra Technology Group is owned by Ten Oaks Group, a private investment firm based in North Carolina that focuses on Corporate Divestitures in the technology, building materials, and services sectors.

We know our success is dependent on the entire industry’s success, and we are excited to learn about ways we can collaborate with State partners to best support growth in outdoor activities industry wide. A few key focus areas for us are:

  • R3 Services – Clients will have access to better data and insights on consumer behavior and best-in-class marketing tools to optimize and predict sales.
  • Mobile/Offline Capabilities – We will focus on innovative solutions for our clients around mobile and office capabilities, allowing outdoorspeople to interact with the solution no matter where they are.
  • Additional Platform Functionality – We will invest into new platform functionality to ensure we are creating a seamless solution for all outdoor needs.

As we complete the transition of our business, we are excited to get to know others in our industry and learn how we become better partners to our state colleagues. We welcome the opportunity to have a call and learn more about ways we can support our collective growth. We will be in touch soon to schedule something.

Caroline Howell
Terra Technology Group, LLC